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Get targeted turkey spotify promotion with the best agency in the world. We have experienced music marketer, distributor, and ad specialists with over 11 years of experience. We have worked with several top ranking music label and in partnership with several music label to promote music artists.

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As a musician, what is the most enticing thing you expect? The simple answer is organic fan base. There is nothing more a musician admires than a strong fan base. Most of the musician on spotify focus one two things.

Firstly, the upward graph of spotify plays. Secondly, a strong and organic fan or spotify followers base. Spotify has been able to attract both listeners and musicians with their unique features. Over the decade they have established themselves as a standard to judge good, bad or mediocre musicians.

Spotify is one of the most appealing music streaming platforms in the world. In 2006, spotify started as an aspiring startup by Daniel and Lorentzon in sweden. They developed the platform as a solution to piracy problem worldwide.

Spotify have taken the competition of music streaming to a whole new level. By mid-2019, they have acquired more than 100 million paid subscribers worldwide. And the number is growing at a crazy speed. This enormous growth brought a huge competition among musicians. And a healthy competition everywhere is a good sign for any niche.

Turkey is one of the fastest growing countries for music streaming. According to a study, in 2017 active spotify users were 8.6 million which increased to 11.61 million in 2019. That means, within 2 years the paid spotify users in Turkey went up by approx. 40%.

The competition among musicians increased as well in a big way. The reason behind a huge spike in this competition is royalty program. Musicians are not only showcasing their talent through spotify. They are getting paid through the referral program as well.

According to a study, 3000 songs are uploaded on spotify from turkey. That is a huge number to get noticed among the crowd. That’s why people are leaning to buy targeted spotify plays from turkey.

The trend to buy turkey spotify plays is pretty fresh and new. Turkish musicians are getting the charm of spotify promotion. To see an upward graph on the stat they are seeking pro services.

We are the first company in the world to facilitate Turkish musicians with such spotify services. We have been endorsed by thousands of Turkish musicians for our services. is a secure source of spotify promotion who wants to buy Turkish spotify plays or followers.


Real Promotion

We provide real turkey spotify promotion. Through our exclusive promotion we ensure 100% real engagement from Turkey.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are professional in targeted spotify promotion. Our team work 24X7 to assure 100% satisfaction of our customers.

Media Endorsement

We are in partnership with top ranking online music blog, magazine and music label to promote spotify music.

Royalty Enable

During Tukey Spotify promotion campaign when you choose to promote through premium users, streams will be eligible for spotify royalty.

Drip Feed Promotion

To bring most out of your spotify promotion campaign we drip feed the delivery for maximum output.

Money Back Guarantee

Our spotify promotion packages are insured by money back guarantee if we are unable to provide services according to our promises.

Do you know over 4 million spotify tracks have never been streamed by anyone? So what happened to those 4 million tracks? They have been left out. Without the right measurement it is quite difficult for musicians to achieve decent traction on his/her music. For this very same reason those 4 million songs were just left out to dry.

But if you are from Turkey and passionate about music, we have good news for you. If you want to see your spotify career grow in a positive direction, can help you with that. With us you will not left out like those 4 million songs. With our exclusive promotion method you will just sit back and enjoy the ride to the top. You just need to buy turkey spotify plays package from our website to get started. You are just one step behind from the success that you desire most on spotify.

TARGETED TURKISH SPOTIFY PLAYS provide top-notch quality spotify promotion services. We ensure 100% satisfaction of our customers. Through our extensive Turkish network we assure targeted Turkey spotify promotion.


We are proud to offer 100% human interactive spotify promotion targeted from turkey. With our 100% legit promotion method your spotify track will be eligible for royalty program.

Why You Should Buy Turkey Spotify Plays

Why do people tend to buy spotify plays? To know more about this you first need to know how spotify algorithm works. Almost 20,000 songs are being uploaded on spotify on any given days. But do all the 20,000 songs get same amount of attention? The answer is, NO! In order to get noticed a song need to have some amount of engagement. When a song is uploaded on spotify, spotify assess that track on some criteria. Though spotify doesn’t disclose but according to some research the criteria are:

1) Initial engagement on the track.

2) Number of spotify followers on the account.

3) The growth graph of spotify monthly listeners.

4) Initial spotify plays on the track.

5) Social engagement.

6) Endorsement of the track by blog, forums and similar other media.

So why should you buy targeted Turkish spotify plays? It is important to get into the local spotify charts. By getting into the local spotify chart you can attract more Turkish fan base. Not only this, the local spotify chart can boost up your career as well. That means more shows, music contracts, radio shows. That is why in recent times Turkish musicians are leaning to buy turkey spotify streams.


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Artist Interview Publication

To make your targeted turkey spotify promotion a successful one we publish artist interview on several top ranking music blog.

Music Website Campaign

We promote musicians on several top ranking music websites we own and in partnership with to drive traffic on spotify.

Banner Ads

We monetize targeted Turkey traffic through banner ads on popular Turkish websites and bring traffic to your spotify track.

Music Press Release

At, to achieve our campaign goals we publish music press release on top ranking music blog & magazine.

Email Campaign

Email campaign is a proven method to engage targeted group. We own email list consists of around 47000 subscribers. We run weekly campaign to them.

Social Media Ads

What can be more effective than social media to promote spotify music? We run ad campaign on Facebook & Instagram to achieve our campaign goals.

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Targeted Turkey Spotify Promotion: Method

Unlike others in the industry we are not afraid to disclose our method. We follow a completely legit method to promote spotify. Through our promotion, we ensure 100% human engagement. Below you will find our complete method of targeted turkey spotify promotion.</span

1) Music website promotion:

We own several top-ranking music websites in turkey. We promote our clients who buy Turkey spotify plays or Turkey Spotify Followers on those music websites. Website endorsement is a proven method to generate traffic. On a regular basis, we attain over 67K traffic on our websites. Beside our websites, we have partnered with several other top ranking websites. We have partnered with them to generate targeted Turkey spotify plays or followers.


2) Banner Ads:

Banner ads are one of the most effective ways to generate targeted traffic. We utilize this method for targeted Turkey spotify promotion. When our clients buy Turkey spotify plays from us we run banner ads and sidebar ads on our website. Along with our website, we also run banner ads on our partner website.

3) Email Campaign:

We own a huge email list consisting users interested in listening to music. We have categorized our email list as per different music genre. So we are able to run email campaign based on your music genre. We’ll send an email to listeners consisting your spotify track link. We have been able to achieve higher CTR with our email campaigns.


4) Music Press Release:

You have heard about press release, right? Music press release is publishing them on online music magazine. We are in partnership with several online music magazine & blogs. We publish music press release on music magazine and blog to generate targeted Turkey traffic.


5) Artist Interview Publication:

This is a fresh idea that we utilize to generate  traffic. As per our research listeners love to hear about artists. They want to have an insight on artist’s life. We publish artist’s interview on our music websites and blogs with catchy title & pictures.


6) Social Media Ads: 

This portion is offered exclusively by only. No other spotify promotion agency offer such value with their campaign method. To achieve our goal we run social media ads on facebook & instagram. This is a successfully proven method. The success rate is huge with this method.



“Got amazing result from the promotion. All the streams were from Izmir.”

– Ekrem


“My stats got updated within 48 hours! The quality of their service is amazing. Great communication through skype & email.”

– Özdemir


“Finally! Turkish promotion for my spotify! Loved their service.”

– Sebahat


“I wasn’t sure about their royalty program! Paid extra for premium account and finally got my royalty form the stream.”

– Mustafa


Is it safe to Buy Turkey Spotify Plays? competely follows terms & conditions of spotify and respect community guidelines. We do not overdo anything. So yes, it is completely safe to buy turkey spotify plays from us.

What genre do you prefer?

We do not have any preference for genre. We promote all types of genre including hiphop to classical. We have a traffic source of listeners to whom we can promote any genre of music.

Are these 100% Turkish spotify streams?

Yes! We provide 100% guarantee of Turkey spotify plays. Our traffic network is strictly based on Turkey. So all the spotify streams will be from Turkey.

Will people ever get to know that I purchased your service?

Not at all! As per our privacy policy, we do not share any of your information publicly. People will never know that you pruchased our service. Even when we share your track on our community networks, it will appear as moderator’s endorsement. So it will appear as natural and no one will ever know.

What about "Royalty Program"?

Spotify has been famous among musician for their “royalty program”. When you buy Turkey spotify plays from us, not only your stream count will increase but you will get royalty as well from those streams. We ensure targeted Turkey royalty paid spotify streams.

How long does it take to start? When can I expect result?

After you place order on our website, we need 10-12 hours to process the order and setup the campaign. It takes around 24-36 hours to see the result on your spotify track or profile.

What information do I need to provide to get started?

If you are ordering for targeted Turkey spotify plays we will just need the track URL. And for Turkey spotify followers promotion we need your profile URL. Please note: your track should not be marked as “explicit” in order to let us start the campaign. Your spotify track need to be in “public” mode.

Can I split the streams on two or more songs?

Yes absolutely. When you buy Turkey spotify plays from us we allow you to split the streams over any amount of tracks you want. Just mention the track URLs when you place the order.